Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Just when we thought our coverage was getting a little too safe and predictable, along comes Sion Sono to shake things up again. Fans of his will be pleased to know that a new trailer and teaser poster have just dropped for Shinjuku Swan 2, starring Gou Ayano and Tadanobu Asano. 

The new film is based on the manga series, Shinjuku Swan Kabukicho Skauto Sabaibaru, by Ken Wakui. Word is, the storyline has Tatsuhiko Shiratori (Gou Ayano) moving from Shinjuku to Yokohama, where he finds trouble in the shape of Tadanobu Asano.

The release date for Shinjuku Swan 2 has now been set for January 21, 2017 in Japan, so we can expect a DVD release to follow at the start of Spring. What can we expect to see? More of the same really. Shouting, angry faces, fighting, pretty girls, chases, the occasional screen-chewing. Should be a blast.

Synopsis: Tatsuhiko Shiratori works as a scout, recruiting girls to work in the adult entertainment business. He movies to Yokohama from Shinjuku, Tokyo. He comes face to face with Masaki Taki, who is the CEO of a scouting company. Shit gets real. 

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