Saturday, 17 March 2012


You can't get blood out of a turnip, but if you can get Asami - the new Japanese action starlet - in your movie, then you have every reason to believe you've created the coolest, sexiest and sassiest heroine for the 21st century. This first outing is directed by debutant Kazushi Nakadaira, but also on board - impressively - is Yoshihiro Nishimura (director of Tokyo Gore Police) with the special effects and make-up, and Tsuyoshi Kazuno (The Machine Girl, RoboGeisha) in charge of VFX. Will such a gore-geous collaboration see the birth of the coolest heroine in high heels, or will it dig up yet another rotten vegetable?

Asami is left for dead after fighting Junko, a former member of her all girl gang. After several years in the wilderness, Asami returns, finding that Junko now works for the Yakuza and her hom town is a den of drugs and prostitution. 

Together with four other fun toting girls, Asami gears up and leads the Yakuza Hunters into battle against the gangsters that have destroyed virtually everything. Will they succeed, or should Asami have stuck with her gut instinct and set out to kill Junk and her cronies alone?

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