Thursday, 12 April 2012


“The man behind the outrageous The Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police – Yoshihiro Nishimura - is at it again with the berserk Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl – but can you guess what it’s about? High school student Jyugon Mizushima (Takumi Saitô) receives a Valentine’s Day chocolate - it’s tradition for the girl to give the boy a chocolate in Japan – from new student Monami (Yukie Kawamura) but little does he know that the bite-size treat contains her vampire blood. Infected, he has little choice but to live with her forever as vampires (the other option, her killing him, doesn’t appeal).

Trouble is, his girlfriend, Keiko (Eri Otoguro), is not best pleased about this turn of events, falling to her death when she catches the two vamps kissing on the school rooftop. Thankfully, her father is a mad scientist, with the ability to resurrect her as Franken girl. A love story, of sorts, but probably not ideal for a romantic night in, Nishimura’s movie is just as crazy, bloody and ingenious as his past successes, with some absolutely demented special effects (Monami in vampire mode is masterly), insane humour and kooky performances that make eighty-five minutes fly by in a deliciously nonsensical manner – highly recommended.” DW

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