Saturday, 15 October 2016


You see a lot of sh*t on Facebook. Most of which is absolute garbage. That's why we visit so regularly. But we are not to be held accountable if this turns out to be some kind of money spinning rip-off. For the record, there is no mention of George Lucas or Disney anywhere. With that in mind...

Based on original helmet molds created in 1976 by industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth, this decanter and matching glass are about as authentic as you can get. Each set is made of high-quality Super Flint Glass, meaning this is heirloom quality stuff. You can pass it down from one generation of troopers to the next!

You can take your chances here. I don't want TwistedWing to become some kind of low-budget shopping network, but it is kind of cool. Maybe we should start preaching religion...

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