Friday, 9 March 2012


As the lights go out on this miracle of a series, it’s time to continue our fond farewell and salute the residents of Dillon with the final part of our run-down. Surprisingly, Lyla, Jason, Smash and Luke have all had to settle for a place on the side-lines, as ten other worthy souls have pushed and shoved their way to the top of the list. Life may never be the same again for the Taylors, the Lions, or any of Dillon’s finest – not forgetting mine – but for that we’re all eternally grateful.

Goodbye y’all, thanks for having us. 

10. Jess Merriweather

In three words: Upholder. Workhorse. Prodigy.
Most likely to say: "I'm gonna do my job, okay? You do your job."
Played by: Jurnee Smollett
You may know her from: Full House (1992-1994), Cosby (1998 -2000)
Next seen in: The Marriage Counselor, Bad Girls.

9. Buddy Garrity

In three words: Salesman. Unreliable. Loyal.
Most likely to say: "You can cut off my head and stick it on a pike, but I'll always care about the Panthers."
Played by: Brad Leland
You may know him from: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), Hancock (2008)
Next seen in: Veep. 

8. Matt Saracen

In three words: Carer. Quarterback. Artist.
Most likely to say: "My Grandma is not a witch. Okay, she's just not."
Played by: Zach Gilford
You may know him from: Super (2010), The River Why (2010)
Next seen in: In Our Nature, Long Time Gone.

7. Becky Sproles

In three words: Cute. Queen. Jailbait.
Most likely to say: "How does the pig feel about that?"
Played by: Dora Madison Burge
You may know her from: Seven Days In Utopia (2011), The Lying Game (2011)
Next seen in: Humans Versus Zombies, Cowgirls n' Angels.

6. Billy Riggins

In three words: Unwavering. Mechanic. Misguided.
Most likely to say: "I might not have a PHD in stupid like you do, but I'm gonna tell you right now that this is gonna turn out badly."
Played by: Derek Phillips
You may know him from: Serum (2006), Son Of Morning (2011)
Next seen in: Betrayed At 17, Parenthood.

5. Landry Clarke

In three words: Talented. Witty. Tuneless.
Most likely to say: "I'm thinking about starting a Christian speed metal band. Are you in?"
Played by: Jesse Plemons
You may know him from: Observe and Report (2009), Paul (2011)
Next seen in: Battleship, The Master.

4. Tami Taylor

In three words: Responsible. Influential. Hot.
Most likely to say: "Hi y'all."
Played by: Connie Britton
You may know her from: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), American Horror Story (2011), 24 (2006)
Next seen in: When Angels Sing, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

3. Tyra Collette

In three words: Damaged. Underestimated. Vixen.
Most likely to say: "What am I? Your new project?"
Played by: Adrianne Palicki
You may know her from: Legion (2009), The Robinsons: Lost in Space (2004)
Next seen in: Wonder Woman, Red Dawn, G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

2. Tim Riggins

In three words: Broken. Dreamer. Alcoholic.
Most likely to say: "I had a threeway with the Stretton sisters."
Played by: Taylor Kitsch
You may know him from: X Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Snakes on a Plane (2006)
Next seen in: John Carter, Battleship, Savages.

1. Eric Taylor

In three words: Loyal. Unyielding. Coach.
Most likely to say: "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."
Played by: Kyle Chandler
You may know him from: King Kong (2005), Super 8 (2011)
Next seen in: Argo, Broken City.

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  1. I miss this show. Thank god for Netflix I can rewatch it anytime. Such an amazing and uplifting series.

    It feels so real unlike most trash on TV these days.