Monday, 6 February 2012


"Vacationing college students fight for their lives after travelling to an island getaway and being surrounded by ferocious man-eaters in this sun-soaked shocker from director David R. Ellis (Final Destination 2, Snakes on a Plane). A lush Louisiana lake house provides the backdrop, and Sara Paxton is on hand to provide the disposable flesh, but David R. Ellis forgets to pack his suitcase with anything approaching genuine thrills, suspense or anarchic entertainment.

Shark Night 3D comes with a tolerable concept but the execution is found lacking in every department. The CGI effects are laughable throughout, giving the shiver of sharks a cartoon sheen that lacks menacing realism. The acting is acceptable but hardly groundbreaking, with the female cast members called upon to look good in sun-kissed bikinis and little else. Ellis sure likes to focus on the flesh but he’s not too keen on bringing on the bloodshed. Unlike Piranha 3D, Shark Night fails to make the most of its ludicrous premise. A ‘15’ certificate doesn’t help, resulting in a horror movie that shies away from token nudity, extreme gore and disembowelment. Nods to films like Jaws only make matters worse; even Bruce the shark conveyed more conviction than these guys.

Dumb fun is forgotten in favour of a film that takes itself way too seriously - maybe they should have taken a look at the effects work before they decided how to play it. For David R. Ellis, Shark Night 3D is another disappointing entry in a CV that already includes The Final Destination and Snakes on a Plane (Final Destination 2 was a definite high note). His latest makes you afraid of going into the water for all the wrong reasons; a wasted opportunity if ever there was one." AW

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