Friday, 9 March 2012


Film: Re-cycle
UK Release date: 23/4/12
UK Distributor: Cine Du Monde
Certificate: 18
Director: Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang
Starring: Angelica Lee, Cheang Pou-soi, Ekin Cheng, Lawrence Chou, Viraiwon Jauwseng
Running time: 109 mins
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Country: Thailand/Hong Kong
Subtitles: English
Reviewer: Daryl Wing

The Pang Brothers have struggled in recent years to build on the success of their hit Asian horror film The Eye, which has spawned two inferior sequels, as well as a Hollywood remake. The pair made their directional debut as a team with Bangkok Dangerous, but arguably their most imaginative and striking film is 2006's effort Re-cycle.

Ting-Yin (Angelica Lee) is a young writer whose first novel has become the best seller in South East Asia. Her fans eagerly await her next book, entitled 'The Re-cycle', a story dealing with supernatural forces.

Battling against writer's block and a tenacious publisher, her attempts to finish the book are further hindered by the re-emergence of an old flame hoping they can reignite their love for one another.

A conversation over dinner forces Ting-Yin to make an important decision about their future, but various weird incidents hamper the progress of her book. Is her jilted lover responsible for the silent phone calls and mysterious break-ins, or does blame bizarrely lay at the feet of her new heroine - fiction fearfully becoming fact?

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