Monday, 6 February 2012


“Yes, it's leave your brain at the door time! Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) are back doing what they do best in the fifth instalment of Fast & Furious. But wait a minute, what have we here… weighing in with a whole load of that fist-flying-shit is Dwayne Johnson; adding some extra muscle to a franchise we know will deliver more than its fair share of high-octane car chases, dust-ups and shoot-outs.

The plot: Toretto and O’Connor are on the opposite side of the law again, only this time in exotic Rio de Janeiro. Hunted by the Rock and an army of corrupt cops working for a deadly… is this really necessary? It’s one last job - again - so let’s just cut to the chase scenes and enjoy the ride. Never less than watchable, thanks to a well-chosen cast, FF5 is probably far too long because director Justin Lin tries to find every member room to shine, but there are a number of tense, well-choreographed chase scenes and a Rock/Vin Diesel ruckus that won’t disappoint.

The soundtrack is as loud as you would want, the location adds to the charm, but the cherry on top is a frenetic finale that’s absurd and, quite frankly, fun. This is old school action of the highest order. Of course, your appreciation for such a film will depend on whether you enjoyed the previous movies in the series - there’s little here to entice a new audience - but Johnson’s appearance certainly makes the journey more lively. He’ll return for the sixth, along with Vin Diesel, Walker, Rodriguez (after the credits) and – wait for it – also rumoured is the one and only Jason Statham. Roll on 2013!” DW

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