Thursday, 11 August 2011


“A classic slice of Spanish horror, 'Who Can Kill A Child?' is one of the most unsettling and infamous films of the 1970’s, arguably ever. When an English couple holidaying in Spain travel to a small, apparently deserted island, the hideous truth soon reveals itself - all the adults have been killed by its whippersnappers, who are far from finished with their systematic slaughter.

With its sun-bleached photography, dread-filled atmosphere and shocking imagery (human piñata anyone?), Who Can Kill A Child? has become one of the most talked-about but little-seen horrors, so if you’re one of those people that have failed to sample its nerve-tingling delights, grab a copy immediately.

Hard to watch from the outset with distressing archive footage not entirely necessary, most of its horror is kept impressively off screen until its brutal finale, including a startling moment when an elderly man gets it with his own walking stick. Narciso Ibanez Serrador’s slow-burner is delightfully nasty and wonderfully tense, with countless scenes that will take your breath away.  

Made the more disturbing by the fact our female protagonist is heavily pregnant, with no real explanation as to why the children have gone completely nuts (other than a slightly rubbish hint of telepathy), this must-see psychological horror revels in the couple’s isolation and astounds with an unthinkable story you probably won’t be prepared for – seriously unmissable.” 

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