Monday, 29 November 2010


"Still traumatized over the car crash that killed his father, Brent is picked out by classmate Lola to attend her gore-soaked private prom. Kidnapped by her devoted, not to mention totally demented father, Brent wakes to find himself strapped to a chair and being tortured while his girlfriend sits at home and wonders why he stood her up for the real thing. The Loved Ones is one of the best exploitation movies this decade, packed with delicious humour, gory mayhem and a cast to die for. Director Sean Byrne is certainly one to watch, injecting this low budget horror with a killer soundtrack and look-away setpieces at such a frenetic pace you'll never leave the edge of your seat. A bit like Brent. Only he has knives rammed in his feet to stop him going anywhere. Then there's that hole in his forehead..."

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