Monday, 21 November 2011


“Harry Ballard (Karl Urban), a brilliant Anthropologist, happens to discover the core of evil, and is immediately marked for destruction by the demon cult that uses its power. When he meets a gorgeous young woman (Katie Wolf) who has recently escaped from being a member of the cult, he gains the resources - and the love - required to fight against them. Doesn’t mean he’ll live to tell the tale though.

Urban and Wolf are the only two that have some kind of acting ability, and there’s some nice chemistry too, but for those put off by Ballard’s friend Johnny’s cringe-worthy opening performance (Tony MacIver), fear not – he’s not around for long. And Ballard’s partner doesn’t hang around either, crucified in spectacular fashion. Shame Jonathon Hendry's camp Le Valliant outstays his welcome.

Although the CGI effects are laughably poor there are some half-decent demons lurking in the shadows, and plenty of gore to satisfy hungry hounds. The final reveal is a disaster, ruining most of the good that came before it, which is as disappointing as the decision to change the film's original title. You see, the irrefutable truth is that Glenn Standring's movie deserved to be, and could’ve been, so much better.”                                                                             DW

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