Thursday, 20 October 2016


Just a quick update on a previous news story we covered. Unfortunately, due to some ongoing production work on the extras included in this package, the UK and US release dates for Pulse have had to be revised and are now as follows:

UK - 27th February 2017 & US - 28th February 2017

Arrow Films continues to impress with its DVD and Blu-ray releases. Not only do we have some of the most overlooked movies brought back to life, but more often than not, the shiny new editions come with a wealth of extra features that should keep every film fan happy. Japanese horror is next on the agenda in the shape of award-winning filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Pulse. 

Synopsis: A group of young people in Tokyo begin to experience strange phenomena involving missing co-workers and friends, technological breakdown, and a mysterious website which asks the compelling question, "Do you want to meet a ghost?" After the unexpected suicides of several friends, three strangers set out to explore a city which is growing more empty by the day, and to solve the mystery of what lies within a forbidden room in an abandoned construction site, mysteriously sealed shut with red packing tape.

Featuring haunting cinematography by Junichiro Hayashi (Ring, Dark Water), a dark and unsettling tone which lingers long after the movie is over, and an ahead-of-its-time story which anticipates 21st century disconnection and social media malaise, Pulse is one of the greatest and most terrifying achievements in modern Japanese horror, and a dark mirror for our contemporary digital world.

See the original article with special features and trailer here.

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