Saturday, 15 October 2016


You may have noticed that a new Rogue One trailer has been released. We sincerely hope you've seen it now. It has been on every single social media feed since yesterday. Apart from ours. This could get pretty awkward if you haven't. 

Anyhoo, there is a new Star Wars movie out this year and here at TwistedWing we are really hoping that it lives up to expectations. For the record, we loved Episode 7. It was magical. F*ck the backlash, nobody cares. Rogue One has some big shoes to fill. And if it sucks, well screw it, we'll just pretend it never happened, buy it anyway and look ahead to episode 8. 

We're getting slightly off track here. The reason we mention Rogue One is not because there is a new trailer out, but because there is a new Funko Pop! range available to buy. We strive to be different here at TwistedWing. The point being, the new funko pop! series features Donnie Yen front and centre, and it's a thing of discernible beauty. 

That's pretty much all we wanted to say. Apart from the fact that it is nearly Christmas. Why don't you check out the trailer before it gets really weird...

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