Wednesday, 19 October 2016


WHAT IS IT? We all love monster movies, don't we? We all love giant animal movies too, particularly the ones where the animal escapes to cause havoc on big city streets. Well now we have a giant lion running amok on the streets of Amsterdam. Giant cats terrorising people aren't entirely new but the streets of Amsterdam are a welcome change of scenery for the lion to chew on.

WHY? It has a giant lion in it. We're not convinced it's going to be the most realistic lion but sometimes that just adds to the fun, and Prey certainly looks like it has a sense of humour. Prey is directed by Dick Maas, the guy who helmed 2010's Festive shocker, Saint. It stars Mark Frost, who you might recognise from a whole host of U.K. TV shows like Heartbeat and Holby City, not to mention the part of John Jasper in Brian Yuzna's Faust.

WHEN? Prey is already out in the Netherlands and is due out in Belgium today. Further release dates have yet to be announced but we will keep you posted. 

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