Sunday, 7 June 2015


Straightforward, balls-to-the-wall action pictures are few and far between in Japan, but Shunichi Hirano's (Tokyo Boy) S: The Last Policeman: Recovery of our Future (catchy title) might be as close as we will get this year. The teaser trailer certainly promised plenty of action, and now we have the main trailer to keep you enthused. The new movie is based on the manga series "S - Saigo no Keikan" by Yoichi Komori and Yutaka Todo, and is due out back home on August 29, 2015.

Synopsis: The NPS (National Police Safety rescue), whose purpose is to catch extreme criminals alive, becomes the centre of attention. A sit-in demonstration takes place. Members of the RNPS, including Ichigo Kamikura (Osamu Mukai) go to the protest site. Meanwhile, a transport ship is hijacked in the Pacific Ocean. All hell breaks loose. Probably.

S: The Last Policeman: Recovery of Our Future Trailer 

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