Saturday, 6 June 2015


"Beware the bouncy ones!" That's the tagline for Takashi Miike's latest movie, and if the trailers below are anything to go by, Miike hasn't lost any of his power to shock, surprise and amuse. If you've yet to see a trailer for this movie, we'll forgive you for ignoring the rest of this article, it really does have to be seen to be believed. So if you like Japanese girls in bikinis bouncing around a lot... is anybody actually still reading this?

After the controversial (and excellent) Lessons of Evil, prolific Japanese auteur Miike Takashi returns to the classroom with As the Gods Will, another wild gore-fest set in high school. Fukushi Sota (Amachan) stars as Shun, a high school student who is fighting for his life when a mysterious daruma doll appears and blows up the head of his teacher. 

As giant cubes hover over Tokyo, the survivors – all youths – are forced to play children's games (in full-body costumes) with life-and-death consequences. Based on the popular manga, As the Gods Will is a shocking, violent and delightfully oddball horror thriller that audiences have come to expect from one of Japan's most versatile directors. It's also available on English subtitled DVD (Hong Kong version) now.

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