Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Now this looks promising. Following Touch of the Light, which served as Taiwan's 2012 entry for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Chang Jung Chi returns with sophomore feature, Partners in Crime. This time around, the Golden Horse Award-winning director explores the abject loneliness that pervades modern society through a mystery involving a group of high school students. The trailer is oozing with atmosphere and you can pur-chase the Hong Kong version on English subtitled DVD from April 30, 2015.

Synopsis: Huang Lihuai (Wu Jian He) is an unassuming loner. Ye Yikai (Zheng Kai Yuan) is an athletic rebel. Lin Yongqun (Deng Yu Kai) is a popular model student. These three boys had nothing in common until the day they witnessed fellow student Xia Weiqiao (Yao Ai Ning) fall to her death. In order to investigate the circumstances behind her death, the three strangers come together in secret and conclude that Weiqiao ended her life after being bullied by another student. Just as the boys think they've unravelled the mystery, an accident changes their lives forever.

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