Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Just when we were about to ask ourselves what the out of work doves are doing for work these days, John Woo makes his long awaited comeback to big screen excess with the first part of his epic war drama, The Crossing, suitably titled The Crossing 1. 

This is the first of two films set during the Chinese Civil War that culminate in the sinking of the Taiping, a steam-powered boat that ferried passengers across the Taiwan Strait from Shanghai to Keelung. Which means, in no uncertain terms, this is John Woo's big screen take on Titanic. I'm pretty sure he's given Celene Dion the day off though.

The Crossing 1 has already opened back home to mixed reviews and part 2 opens in May, but then, criticising a John Woo movie for overuse of slow-motion, bro-mance and overacting is kind of like criticising Jason Statham for playing tough guys. The Crossing 1 is available on English subtitled DVD and Blu-ray from April 30, 2015

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