Monday, 9 March 2015


Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the Blu-ray release of the iconic 1975 dystopian thriller, Rollerball. Released on March 23, 2015, Rollerball represents the very best of the “Future Sport” flicks; a pre-cursor to such genre classics as The Running Man, Battle Royale and even The Hunger Games. The film explores the popularity of violent entertainment and the power of the media, but it goes further, looking more profoundly at the society beyond the game.

This new release will include a host of exciting extra features including audio commentaries with both director Norman Jewison and writer William Harrison alongside a brand-new interview with Rollerball star James Cann. Other extras include featurettes in which various crew members revisit the original locations used in the film, and stuntman Craig R. Baxley discusses the challenges and dangers of being one of the Rollerball bikers. The new edition will also include archive bonus material.

Synopsis: In a corporate-controlled future, the world’s nations have been disbanded and conflict is a thing of the past. But blood continues to be shed on the tracks of Rollerball – a brutal contact sport which pits players in a battle of life and death. James Caan (The Godfather, Thief, Misery) plays Jonathan E., celebrated captain of the Houston Rollerball team whose prowess on the track has earned him renown across the globe. 

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