Monday, 16 March 2015


Not another found-footage thriller, surely? What's that you say, it's South Korean? Maybe we'll check it out after all. We've got to be honest, the thought of a South Korean twist on the found-footage sub-genre does sound appealing, especially if they add the kind of originality we have come to expect from Korean filmmakers, and the trailer for Navigation does just about enough to give us hope. Navigation is out to buy on English subtitled Korean DVD from April 1, 2015. That's no joke. Check out the trailer below.

Synopsis: Three youths, all members of the movie club, go on a trip to the mountains with camera in hand, but end up lost on the road. After witnessing an accident, they pick up the GPS navigation system from the car wreck and use it to find their destination. The navigation system, however, leads them to terrifying places. Written and directed by Jang Kwon Ho, the indie horror Navigation keeps audiences on the edge of the car seat with shocking scares.

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