Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Vicki Zhao has long been a favourite of ours at TwistedWing, so any new film from her is greeted with fevered anticipation. Dearest, directed by Peter Chan (Wu Xia), has been getting solid reviews back home, with Zhao in particular being praised for her performance. 

The film focuses on Tian Wenjun (Huang Bo), a divorced father in Shenzen who lets his son run off to play with local kids only for him to get abducted. Three years later, Wenjun hears that his son has been sighted in a remote village. In a moment of desperation he snatches the boy back, only for the child to scream for his mother. That would be our Vicki then. Or is it? So who is the child, is Wenjun his father and what role does Vicki really play in proceedings?

Dearest is making its UK debut at the Glasgow Film Festival today. We'll keep you posted with upcoming DVD and Blu-ray news. For now, check out the Hong Kong trailer below. 

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