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Evil Feed is a new horror movie that blends torture-porn excess with bruising MMA fight choreography. The Long Pig Restaurant, known in the underground world for its cannibalistic cuisine, has a new attraction. The Pit of Gore is where blood thirsty customers get to watch their chosen courses being slaughtered, as captured elite fighters are forced to battle to the death for their 'tendertainment'. See what they did there?

Part of me suspects the filmmakers came up with the word 'tendertainment' first and the rest of the movie just kind of fell into place. Directed by Kimani Ray Smith, written by Smith, Aaron Au and Jana Mitsoula, and starring Laci J. Mailey, Terry Chen and Alyson Bath, Evil Feed came from the mind of Horror Film fanatic and prosthetics master Ryan Nicholson.

With 'recommendations' from Jeffrey Dahmer, who says it's his favourite place to eat, and Hannibal Lecter, who can't get enough of the "taste sensation", Evil Feed certainly knows how to sell itself. The house special, by the way, is "Nipple Tartar". Though you might want to stay away from the "Dicky Roll". Evil Feed, a tribute to grindhouse cinema (in the modern sense of the word at least), serves up a fine feast of sex, violence and severed limbs, with some bone-crunching fight sequences thrown in for good measure.

Steven (Terry Chen) worked at The Long Pig Restaurant, before taking charge - alongside nymphomaniac girlfriend Yuki (Shirleyann Mason) - after his father loses his head. Jenna (Lacy J. Mailey) meanwhile, returns to her father's karate dojo and discovers him missing. With her friends in tow she sets out to find her dad, unaware of the dangers that lay ahead. Jenna is soon kidnapped and our plucky heroes are forced to fight for their lives in the Pit of Gore.

The opening act is tasty enough, with horror elements taking precedence over combat and the gruesome special effects providing lots of grisly potential. The storyline is unspectacular, but it does open the door to some imaginative effects work. Unfortunately, much of the movie is hampered by overacting villains and mediocre combat. Kimani Ray Smith was a stuntman on several successful Hollywood movies - including X-Men: The Last Stand and Watchmen - but his action choreography is hampered by bad lighting and a severe lack of creativity.

Terry Chen seems to be having fun as the film's big bad but his camp performance is a little too distracting at times. You'll either love or loathe his pantomime delivery, but at least he's memorable. The same can't be said for the good guys. With the exception of Alain Chanoine (Tyrone), the heroes are a forgettable bunch, saddled with weak dialogue and clichéd character traits. But fear not, Shirleyann Mason - along with some peachy prosthetics - is Evil Feed's saving grace. Not only is she gorgeous, but she also gets the balance just right, eating up the screen with her devilish demeanour. Extra points for being naked and covered in blood. Obviously.

A tighter script, more laughs and stronger fight choreography would have made it an instant cult classic, but Evil Feed is more like a midnight snack than a substantial meal. Still, there is a lot of potential here. Kimani Ray Smith handles the horror elements well, the special effects are undeniably impressive and - in Yuki - Evil Feed provides the horror genre with a desirable after taste.

Evil Feed: Trailer

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