Wednesday, 19 October 2011


In 2003, D2B was a successful Thai boy band, with its members, Dan, Big and Beam, keen to augment their brand by teaming up with the Pang Brothers (The Eye, Re-cycle) to star in their first feature, Omen, directed by Thammarak Kamuttmanoch. Sadly on 22nd July that year, Big (Apichej Kittikornjaroen) was involved in a car accident and his vehicle flipped into a dirty roadside canal, leading to a bacterial infection in his brain. After being in a coma for four years, he died on 9th December 2007. Spookily, Omen's plot revolves around an old woman who makes grim predictions about their futures, with one of them destined to die...

Beam, Dan and Big, who work in a magazine art department, end this particular day quarrelling, each leaving work on bad terms, driving home, when separate twists of fate bring them into contact with three strangers.
Dan is haunted by an old woman who tells prophecies, Big intrigued by a young girl selling garlands on the street, and Beam meets a girl called Oam, who is just about to open up a coffee shop.
They soon realise that there’s a connection between the three females, but more worryingly, it also becomes apparent that one of the friends is destined to die – but whom, and why?
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