Saturday, 28 February 2015


Hong Kong horror movies are, of course, a hit-and-miss affair, but at least the trailer for Twilight Online hits the right spot. Don't worry, we haven't turned to the darkside here at TwistedWing, this isn't yet another lukewarm entry in the teen vampire series, this is a new LHG (Lank haired ghost) film starring Eddie Cheung. Twilight Online is available to own from March 5, 2015 on Region 3 DVD and Blu-Ray.

Inspired by Poon Siu Chung's radio show and podcast, which discusses everything strange, creepy and possibly paranormal, Maggie To's Twilight Online is a heart-stopping thriller based on two real-life Hong Kong occurrences. 

In 2003, a collision between a double-decker bus and a truck in Tuen Mun took the lives of 21 people. Ten years after the accident, several tenants on the Yau Oi Estate, which is located near the scene of the collision, reported witnessing a woman clad in red jumping to her death on multiple nights. Prompting veteran police officer Gu (Eddie Cheung, Drug War) to go investigate with rookie cop Bee (Babyjohn Choi, The Way We Dance). 

At the same time, radio DJ Poon Siu Chung (as himself) returns to the site of the Tuen Mun collision with a group of students hoping to investigate the circumstances of the crash. When strange things start happening to the students, Gu and Bee are called to help. The two seemingly unconnected investigations converge as Gu realises the incidents are connected.

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