Friday, 8 November 2013


Cult Japanese film director Nboru Iguchi (The Machine Girl, Robo-Geisha, The ABCs of Death) returns with yet another madcap comedy horror, full to the brim with OTT special effects, CGI gore and full-on action sequences. There's also the obligatory token nudity, flying fish, irreverent humour, killer tuna, and enough flesh eating Sashimi to make your skin crawl. Everything we love about Noboru Iguchi then.

Keiko (Rina Takeda) is a cute and clumsy trainee sushi chef who finds her kung fu skills come in handy when some infected flying sushi start to bite back. Will Keiko be able to save a group of nasty businessmen from the unrelenting terror of the killer fish dishes? Can Iguchi prevent his latest horror comedy from flushing itself down the cinematic toilet to fishy heaven? Will Asami keep her clothes on for once? I really hope this madness never ends.

Dead Sushi is a loveable romp with cartoon characters, juvenile humour and murderous fish by the trawler load. Takeda (Karate Girl) is an infectious lead, and the rest of the cast seem to be having a whale of a time. Asami is the standout though. Not only does she keep her clothes on, but she performs the most entertaining robot dance you are ever likely to see. 

Dead Sushi is idiotic, chaotic, and as much fun as you can expect from a film about flying fish on the rampage. When one character proclaims, “Things have reached the point where they no longer make any sense!”, you'll struggle to disagree but keep on watching all the same. Great stuff. AW

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