Thursday, 2 May 2013


If only Hotel Transylvania was a real place to stay. The luxury hotel for monsters that need to relax and recover from their relentless persecution by human beings sounds immense, and this year – celebrating the proprietor’s daughter’s 118th birthday – would surely be the party to end all parties. Sadly, the proprietor is Dracula, a mere shadow of his former self after losing the love of his life when humans burned down their home. Left to hold the baby, Mavis, he made a vow to keep the real world and its dangers hidden from her. Trouble is, the bat will always rebel against the light…

Voiced by the likes of Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi and Selena Gomez, Hotel Transylvania is laugh-out-loud at times, and although inferior to Monsters, Inc (2001), some decent touches, warm-hearted monsters and excellent visuals from the man behind The Powerpuff Girls make for a decent night in whether you’re five or one hundred and five. With such a strong group of characters at director Genndy Tartakovsky’s disposal it’s a shame more themes weren’t explored, but then it’s probably too long and a little bit creepy for most children already. Still, it’s Sandler’s best performance since The Wedding Singer (1998), and that’s certainly something to crow about. DW

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