Friday, 12 April 2013


Starring that bloke from The Whistleblowers (2007), that bird from Love/Hate (2010), George from Being Human (2008) and a whole load of other folk alien only to those that haven’t watched television in the last ten years, it’s fitting that Grabbers is about teetotal extra-terrestrials foolishly choosing to relocate to Ireland - clearly renowned for its abstinence when it comes to alcoholic substances.
Set on the sleepy coastal community of Erin Island, these bloodsucking predators have got a thirst on, and with razor sharp tentacles and an insatiable hunger they embark on a feeding frenzy the likes of which has never been seen before. Unless you’ve watched Slither (2006), Critters (1986), The Thaw (2009), Parasite (1982)… With a storm fast approaching and with no means of escape, the townsfolk have one last shot at survival. And yes, we’re talking the kind of shots that get you completely trashed.

With our leads finding enough Dutch courage to survive the grabbers, what plays out is a witty, wise and rarely wounded horror-comedy that serves up the laughs and nabs some impressive effects to boot (the aliens are surprisingly awe-inspiring). The performances range from frolicsome to uproarious, every character gets to deliver at least one side-splitting line, and Ruth Bradley’s drunken turn will have you wishing she was your wing woman every weekend. Sickly sweet at times, but able to deliver some satisfying splatter, you should get your hands on Grabbers immediately. DW

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