Monday, 30 April 2012


“Still banned in some countries, Don’t Go In The House is a low budget video nasty that sticks to the slasher conventions from the 80s but prefers to toast its victims instead. Donny (Dan Grimaldi) -emotionally and physically scarred by burns inflicted on him by his mother – pretty much hates women, and after the death of his forbearer, decides to punish all those he comes into contact with, luring them back to his house before setting them alight.

While the film’s subject matter has lost much of its shock value over the years, watching Joseph Ellison’s film is still an intriguing ride, even with a surprising lack of gore or nudity. At times, it veers far too close to Psycho territory, and doesn’t quite have the originality to stand out from the crowd. Why this film was banned is unclear – the most brutal scene involves a florist and a flamethrower, but most of the movie’s duration is spent watching Donny battle his demons. The whole piece is nasty enough, and worth seeing for that one scene alone, but those expecting that graphic torture to light the touch paper will be massively disappointed. Hopes for a horror classic well and truly extinguished.” DW

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