Thursday, 1 March 2012


Descendents is the long-awaited film from Chile's terror-maestro Jorge Olguin (Angel Negro, Eternal Blood). Set in a dystopian world reminiscent of 28 Weeks Later (2007) and Children Of Men (2006), it hopes to emulate the success of both - or is it just another brainless zombie movie?

A mysterious virus has decimated the world's population, turning the dead into zombies which feast on the flesh of the living. With cities now under martial law, the army takes to the street, hunting zombies and exterminating any humans they suspect are infected.

A small band of immune children, united by a bizarre recurring dream and led by 9-year-old Camille, set out for sea, fleeing the un-dead and the blood-crazed soldiers, carrying mankind's last hope. Can they make it to safety, and, more importantly, will there actually be an octopus waiting there to help them?

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