Wednesday, 1 February 2012


These days, a sex education film is about as useful as a nearly new condom. With magazines aimed at teenagers offering advice and tips, not to mention 'position of the fortnight', and with the internet accessible to all with its wealth of services - and servicing - at your fingertips, you have to question why Torgny Wickman's controversial The Language Of Love, originally released in 1969, has been issued for the first time on DVD in the UK.

A Swedish gynecologist (Dr. Sture Cullhed), a Swedish psychologist-educator (Dr. Maj-Briht Bergstrom) and two Danish psychologist-authors (Inge and Sten Hegeler) have joined together after being inspired by Masters and Johnson - a research team who pioneered research into the nature of human sexual response - to discuss anxieties and misconceptions, including petting, masturbation, contraceptives and proper and improper practices.

They are helped by volunteers, who demonstrate their observations with the use of hidden cameras and role-play...

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