Monday, 23 January 2012


If you didn’t already think Breaking Bad was the best drama on television, watching Season Three of this breath-taking programme will guarantee that from this moment on you do. Winner of two 2010 Emmy Awards – Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama series and Outstanding Supporting Actor – the complete third season (only available on Region One for Christ’s sake) finds Walter (Bryan Cranston) abandoned by his wife, feuding with his reckless business partner Jesse (Aaron Paul) and hunted by a Mexican cartel.

With one of the tightest scripts, striking visuals and fantastic performances, Breaking Bad gets better with age. The series benefits in its employ of a less recognisable cast (with the exception of a few notable cameos), but all the strong characters get plenty of screen-time to flex their muscles, and the countless twists are handled well, leaving nobody safe from a bullet to the head. In fact, the third season feels as though it has more turning points than the first two combined, meaning you’ll fly through the thirteen episodes containing barely a dull moment.

Stand out episodes include ‘I.F.T’ - the one with Walt refusing to move out, so Skyler makes a shocking choice, hoping to drive him away. ‘One Minute’ - in which Walt and Jesse are at their breaking point over Hank, while the homicidal Cartel assassins turn their attentions to a new target. The utterly bizarre ‘Fly’ – which sees the lab grinding to a halt when Walt becomes obsessed with contamination, and ‘Half Measures’ – when Jesse decides to avenge his friend’s murder.  Having said that, there is no weak episode this time round, and the cliff-hanger finale whets the appetite for Season Four - unmissable. DW

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