Sunday, 8 January 2012


"It can’t be much fun spending Christmas Eve on your own, but when you’ve only recently lost your husband in a horrific car accident and you’re heavily pregnant, putting a mince pie and a glass of brandy out for Father Christmas probably isn’t at the top of your to do list. Drinking the entire bottle of Courvoisier and raising your middle digit to the world is clearly more appropriate.

The last thing Sarah needs, then, is a knock on the door from a mysterious madwoman with no presents but the desire to unwrap only her, in order to take back the baby she lost with the blame firmly pinned on our out of luck heroine. With no receipt and armed with a pair of scissors, the stranger sets about cutting more than ribbons in one of the most brutal horrors in recent memory.

A ruthless, stylish and enjoyably twisted contribution to home-invading horror – if you dare to look – Inside is a grim movie that ramps up the horrors and the thrills until an utterly disturbing finale guaranteed to stick in your head but maybe not your stomach. Not one to watch on Christmas Day, but if you’re getting fed up with your relatives outstaying their welcome, whack this in your DVD player and watch them flee." DW

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