Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Earth is evil. Nobody will miss it. So what would you do if a new planet, hiding behind the sun, appeared in the sky, heading straight for our planet to perform the dance of death? Enjoy a glass of the finest wine on the porch, perhaps? Maybe even a family singsong? You might want to catch up with the Eastenders omnibus. Then again, you could just build a cave from the branches, close your eyes and hope it's not too windy. There's only one man who can answer this question, and it isn't Roland Emmerich.

Justine (Kirsten Dunst), suffering from depression, and Michael (Alexander Skarsgard), trying to cope with her suffering, are celebrating their marriage at a sumptuous party in the home of her sister, Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg), and brother-in-law, John (Kiefer Sutherland).

Justine doesn't want to party, though. The planet, Melancholia, is heading towards Earth and she knows it will destroy everything. Meanwhile, Claire is struggling to maintain composure with fear of the impending disaster, praying her husband is right and it won't happen.

Will Justine continue to alienate everyone, never returning to a world that has sucked all life from her? Or will Melancholia get to them first and gobble up the atmosphere, destroying our planet and putting them all out of their misery?

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