Thursday, 2 June 2011


"A supernatural thriller starring Xavier Samuel (Brent from the sublime The Loved Ones), Sophie Lowe (Beautiful Kate) and Bob Morley (Home and Away) about a group of teenagers menaced by a driver-less train in the Australian outback may sound like drongoes do Duel, but sadly, it's one of the worst films ever made.

The actors themselves aren't really at fault, but the script has little imagination and some of the most awful dialogue ever seen on the gogglebox. The opening sex scene is an odd introduction, but the characters clearly hate each other from the outset, questioning why they would all embark on a road trip together.

Making the dumbest decisions ever, justifying them with stupid lines ("Guess one of the driver's shot his mate, this kind of place does strange things to you") and running, most of the time, from cartoonish villains will leave the viewer rightfully annoyed at wasting ninety minutes they'll never get back. It won't drive you to hell, but it'll certainly drive you mad."

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