Friday, 11 March 2011


"She had a good innings, that Mrs. Slater, cut short when Katey and six sorority sisters pull a prank on their strict house mother. They pretend to shoot her. You can probably guess the rest... With the prank going slightly awry, the girls all agree to hide Slater's body in their dirty swimming pool until a graduation party being held in the house is finished. 

We never make it to the last dance. Instead, a seapig struggles to stay afloat, Slater struggles to speak in synch, the prettiest one gets killed rather quickly (despite a decent double-bluff and a nice shot of her backside), males prove to be complete tools, and we realise that pushing a trash can into a marked police vehicle is only asking for trouble. And slightly stupid. But the naked flesh on show should go some way to compensate for their lack of brains.

Which is all rather entertaining, truth be told, so The House On Sorority Row is yet another decent horror from the early eighties, with likeable characters, moments of inspiration and half decent chills. The lead is no Nancy Thompson, but she's still worth rooting for, and although the killer may not have the fear factor of Freddy or Michael Myers, one scene will prove he's no joker in the pack. Until all the cards are dealt, at least." 

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