Sunday, 27 February 2011


"Buried alive with only a cellphone and a lighter (and a torch, and some of them glow stick things, and a pencil, and his medication, and some booze), Paul Conroy is not ready to die. With no idea of who put him there or why, life for the truck driver and family man instantly becomes a hellish struggle for survival, and so begins Buried, directed by Rodrigo Cortes, starring the excellent Ryan Reynolds, a snake, and that's about it.

Poor reception, a rapidly draining battery, and a dwindling oxygen supply don't sound like the most gripping plot developments to grace our screens, and the film won't please all, yet given a chance, Buried is a tense, claustrophobic struggle that starts well, sags in the middle, then somehow manages to explode into a superb final act with some fantastically gripping moments that will leave you, not Paul, gasping for air. As did that sentance. An interfering snake and the breathtaking finale are two perfectly good reasons why you should unearth this unique movie."

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