Thursday, 6 October 2016


If you're new to the world of Asian cinema then there is a chance you might be unfamiliar with the work of Third Window Films. TWF has been supporting the release of Asian cinema in the UK for a little while now, and our film collections are all the more impressive thanks in large to the blood, sweat and tears they have suffered for our viewing pleasure. You can check out their website at the following link.

Not content with distributing movies by other companies, November 21st marks the release of the first 100% Third Window Films production. A black comedy looking at the seedy side of no-budget film-making in Japan. We have a 39 year-old struggling lowlife film director played by Kiyohiko Shibukawa, AKA “the unique actor loved by directors”, who is constantly cast by directors such as Takashi Miike, Sogo Ishii and Toshiaki Toyoda. 

His colleague, a lowlife producer, is played by Denden, a regular cast member of Sion Sono’s films. The rest of the cast includes in-demand talents of Houka Kinoshita and Kanji Tsuda, as well as Chika Uchida, Shugo Oshinari, Yoshihiko Hosoda and Kanji Furutachi, working alongside the 'new face' of Japanese indie cinema, Maya Okano, who plays the heroine of the film.

Lowlife Love is the second partnership between Third Window Films and director Eiji Uchida, whose film Greatful Dead was also released by them. A special two disk dual format DVD and Blu-ray release is up for pre-order here, and out in stores on November 21st. This new release will also feature lots of extras too, including behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast, deleted & extended scenes, a music video, alternate ending and more. Supporting future Third Window Films productions couldn't be easier, just buy the movie in November. You won't be disappointed. 

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