Friday, 7 October 2016


Just a quick update on yesterday's item. If you haven't seen it yet, my advice is to scroll. Down... scroll down. Okay, back with us? Good. Brace yourselves. Fans of the original Death Note movies will be pleased to learn that Kenichi Matsuyama will appear as L in upcoming live-action film, Death Note: Light Up The New World. It has been 8 years since Kenichi Matsuyama last performed as L in the disappointing spin-off film, L: Change The World. Of course, he also appeared in the two 2006 films. In which he was awesome. In what capacity he will appear we are yet to find out but, in truth, even a cameo appearance has got to be a good thing. Now we're getting a little more interested...

Directed by Shinsuke Sato (Gantz & Gantz Perfect Answer), the latest entry in the Death Note series is scheduled for release at the end of October in Japan.
Ten years have passed since the confrontation between Kira and L. Again, Shinigami is sending death notes to the ground and as a result, the world is falling into chaos. Tsukuru (Masahiro Higashide) is a member of the Death Note special task force team with six other investigators, including Matsuda, who experienced the Kira case of ten years ago.

Now that mass murders are taking place around the world, world famous private investigator Ryuzaki (Sosuke Ikematsu), who is the rightful successor of L, has discovered that six death notes exists in the world, and the person who possesses them will gain ultimate control.

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