Monday, 29 June 2015


Back in May we brought you the first teaser trailer for the latest instalment in a series of action thrillers we had never heard of, based on a TV show we had never heard of either. Well now we have heard of it and we can present the main trailer in all its glory. Click on the image below, sit back and enjoy. Then maybe check out the previous entries in the series. Pretty sure it will help...

"Set four years after the movie Unfair: The Answer, which we hadn't heard of until now, where detective Natsumi Yukihira (Ryoko Shinohara from Kamikaze Girls) brought an end to the police hospital terrorist case that took place in Unfair: The Movie, which we really hadn't heard of either. Doing well here, aren't we? Apparently though, Natsumi Yukihira found herself on the trail of a massive internal corruption scheme that reached the highest levels of the police hierarchy, making everyone a suspect.

The Unfair movies might be new to us but that doesn't mean they're not worth checking out. Shimako Sato takes directorial duties this time out and the latest (we're guessing the last) instalment is due out back home on September 5, 2015. No word on other release dates but you'll probably want to seek out the first two movies in the series if the trailer below floats your boat. They're readily available online. Just for the record, the three films are in fact follow-ups to a 2006 television drama, which might be harder to come by."

Synopsis: Natsumi Yukihira receives secret documents of an organisation that controls the country from the shadows. Because of this, Natsumi's ex-husband, Kazuo Sato pays a terrible price. Natsumi goes back to the Investigation #1 of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to take on the organisation.

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