Monday, 4 May 2015


So bad it's good? We'll hold fire on that one, but Insectula! certainly has our attention for now. Slow motion pillow fights, giants bugs, terrible acting, beautiful girls, creative (not to mention rubbish) special effects. What more could a horror enthusiast ask for? Quality, you say? Oh, I see. Prepare yourself for Insectula! We don't have any release details as of yet, other than a limited release in America this past March, which probably isn't a bad thing. Insectula! is directed by Michael Peterson and stars nobody of importance. Can one man stop the unstoppable? Enjoy! 

Synopsis: A giant alien mosquito-type insect is drawn to earth from the CO2 pollution in search of blood. Del, a government agent, loses loved ones to the creature and is on a personal vendetta while the Dr. Kempler is captivated by it and attempts to help the creature cleanse the earth.

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