Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Back in March we brought you news of the upcoming release of the 2-disk Korean edition of Haemoo. You'll be pleased to know that the Hong Kong edition is due out on May 14, 2015, and more importantly, it's almost half the price! So for those who held out now is probably the time to pur-chase. 

Award-winning actor Kim Yoon Seok (The Thieves) stars as the struggling captain who turns to human smuggling in order to keep his fishing boat afloat. While transporting ethnic Koreans from China across the Yellow Sea, however, things go terribly wrong, and desperation spirals into tragedy and terror. 

Synopsis: Based on a 2007 play inspired by true events, the seafaring drama co-stars popular idol and television star Park Yoo Chun in his film debut as the youngest crew member who opposes the captain's increasingly ruthless actions and tries to protect a female stowaway, played by Han Ye Ri (Commitment). 

The role has won Park Yoo Chun Best New Actor awards from the Blue Dragon and Daejong Film Awards, as well as the Korean Association of Film Critics. Haemoo marks the directorial debut of screenwriter Shim Sung Bo, whose writing credits include Bong Joon Ho's 2003 crime classic Memories of Murder.

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