Thursday, 14 May 2015


Jung Woo Sung (Divine Move) pairs with up-and-coming actress Esom (Behind the Camera) in Scarlet Innocence, a new DVD & Blu-ray release directed by Yim Pil Sung (Hansel and Gretel). It's a modern-day reinterpretation of the famous folk tale of Simcheong. Screened at the 39th Toronto Film Festival, the erotically charged tale of desire, betrayal and revenge follows the torrid affair between a professor and a young woman, and its tragic fallout when love goes terribly wrong. Scarlet Innocence is available on English subtitled DVD and Blu-ray from May 21, 2015.

Synopsis: Shaken by a scandal, literature professor Ha Kyu (Jung Woo Sung) leaves Seoul for the peace of teaching in a small town. He meets the young and trusting Deok Yi (Esom) and they develop an intimate affair, a relationship that the devoted Deok Yi takes far more to heart than he does. When Ha Kyu is reinstated to his university position, he leaves Deok Yi behind and returns to Seoul and his family. Eight years later, Hak Kyu is gradually going blind and Deok Yi reappears in his life looking for revenge.

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