Friday, 24 April 2015


Here comes a promising little trailer. Cub is a 2014 horror movie coming to UK DVD on June 22, 2015 and the U.S. in August. It tells the story of Sam, an imaginative twelve year-old boy, who heads off to camp with his Cub Scouts pack.

Once there he stumbles upon a mysterious tree-house and meets a shifty, masked feral-looking child. When Sam tries to warn his leaders, they ignore him as he is known for telling tall tales, and his mysterious past makes his leader Peter mistrust him - the boy who cried wolf in the most literal sense then.

As Sam gets more and more isolated from the other scouts, he becomes convinced that a terrible fate awaits them. It turns out that the Feral Child is the helper of The Poacher, an evil psychopath, who has riddled the forest with ingenious traps, and is intent on slaughtering the scouts one by one. Now there's a storyline we can buy into! Cub is the feature debut of
Jonas Govaerts. Keep a look out for it this June.

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