Monday, 13 April 2015


If, like us, after watching the teaser trailer for Ant-Man you had doubts over Marvel's latest big screen adventure, fear not. The latest trailer is far more impressive, tapping into Paul Rudd's comedy shtick and making the most of any potential 'size issues'. The final moments in particular are a joy to watch. 

Marvel hasn't put a foot wrong for a long time now so the pressure is on. I know we shouldn't judge a movie by its trailer, but Ant-Man is shaping up nicely. The new film opens in both the UK and the US on July 17, 2015.

Synopsis: Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

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