Wednesday, 8 April 2015


While I'm not a fan of Lars Von Trier myself, my brother has a soft spot for him. As a result, it's probably best if I just go with the press release on this one. 'The most controversial film of 2014 is finally released as it was meant to be appreciated with Lars Von Trier’s full five and hour long director’s cut, released on DVD & Blu-ray on May 10th.

This bold, brilliant and controversial film tells the story of Joe (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg & newcomer Stacy Martin), a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, from birth to the age of 50.

By turns profoundly moving, viscerally shocking, intellectually resonant and surprisingly funny, Nymphomaniac is a dazzling, daring and devilish work of cinematic art from the world’s foremost maverick director.' Love him or hate him, we shouldn't ignore the work of Lars Von Trier. Or rather, my brother shouldn't. I'll get on with my life blissfully unaware.

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