Friday, 10 April 2015


Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the World premiere Blu-ray release of Jack Hill’s Blaxploitation classic, Coffy. Starring the iconic Pam Grier, the film paved the way for other genre classics such as Foxy Brown and Quentin Tarantino’s homage to the actress, Jackie Brown, with the director describing Coffy as “one of the most entertaining films ever made”.

With Coffy Pam Grier irrevocably changed cinema history, it was her wonderful screen presence and acting chops along with the unflinching faith of her director that would allow a woman in the lead role, a role traditionally filled by a man, giving prominence to female actors in action roles for the first time. It might be fair to say without Coffy we wouldn’t have Sheba Shayne, Ellen Ripley, Sarah Conner, Trinity, Beatrix Kiddo or Hit Girl.

Nurse by day, vigilante by night, on a mission to single-handedly take down the dope, prostitution, and political corruption ring that was plaguing Los Angeles and responsible for turning her 11-year-old sister onto drugs. Equal parts strong, street smart, sexy, and sophisticated, Coffy arrives on Blu-ray in the UK from 20th April 2015.

Various new interviews are featured on this disc including a brand new interview with Jack Hill, a new interview with Pam Grier in which she discusses both Coffy and its follow up, Foxy Brown. You can also expect special features from Mikel J. Koven, author of Blaxploitation Film (Kamera), who guides us through Blaxploitation - a video essay on the genre, its antecedents, development, demise and legacy.

Synopsis: Pam Grier plays nurse ‘Coffy’ Coffin, seeking vigilante justice when her little sister is hospitalised by a smack pusher. Coffy uses her body, bullets and blades to get justice, working her way to the top of the criminal ring. But as she nears the top she finds the level of corruption is closer to home than she thinks.

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