Saturday, 11 April 2015


Shot in just 4 days with a budget of only $10,000 - 'Be My Baby' became one of the biggest underground hits in Japan when it came out. See what all the fuss is about on May 25, 2015 when Be My Baby is released courtesy of Third Window Films.

Unfolding in the two weeks following a casual party at the home of the overbearing Koji, nine “20-something” Japanese revellers with long, deeply entwined histories navigate the secrets and lies of contemporary relationships. 

Touching on issues of self-respect, emotional manipulation, casual viciousness, petty interpersonal politicking, dependency, insecurity, infidelity and misogyny, One Hitoshi’s (Moteki - Love Strikes) drama, adapted from a script from Daisuke Muira (Boys on the Run) is as dark as it is soapy — with unfortunately recognisable characters with recognisable human flaws.

Featuring a bunch of fantastic exclusive DVD extras including 'Girls Talk' - Pajama party with the female actors from the film and an interview with producer Masashi Yamamoto, Be My Baby featured on many Top 10 Lists of 2014 and won both the People's Jury Prize at the Five Flavours Film Festival and the Best Newcomers Award at the Japan Professional Filmmakers Awards. Check out the trailer below.

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