Sunday, 22 March 2015


I warn you now, this looks awful.

Some of you are probably sitting there thinking, "Wait a minute, are we really supposed to be surprised by this?" The Transporter series (the original trilogy) may not have been high art, but it did have Jason Statham, and that counts for a lot in the 'Action' genre. The Transporter Refueled (one 'L') doesn't have Jason Statham, but it does has Ed Skrein. You may remember him from Game of Thrones, before he got replaced by another unknown actor.

Luc Besson continues to put his name to every action movie under the sun, rather than taking a chance and actually directing a movie worth watching. It's been seventeen years since The Fifth Element and twenty (count them) since Leon graced our movie screens. Twenty years! Lucy was a step in the right direction but come on...

Like I said, this looks awful. So enjoy. It took me at least five minutes to type this article. I hope it was worth it.

Synopsis: Never change the deal, no names and never open the package. When Frank is hired by cunning femme fatale Anna and her three stunning sidekicks, he quickly discovers he's been played. Anna and her cohorts have kidnapped his father (Ray Stevenson) in order to coerce Frank into helping them take down a ruthless group of Russian human traffickers. Fueled (one 'L') by revenge, he will break all his rules and stop at nothing to rescue his father in this action-packed thrill ride across the French Riviera.


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