Wednesday, 25 March 2015


You've probably already guessed by glancing at the poster above that Blue Demon ver.2.0 - a sequel to a film released last year - isn't going to be your average movie adaptation. It is based on the free PC survival-horror video game, Ao Oni, and we can't decide whether we're excited about it or not. Blue Demon, directed by Hideaki Maegawa, is due out in Japan on July 4, 2015.

Synopsis: On the way to visit Shun (Soran Tamoto), who didn't attend class, Hiroshi (Taishi Nakagawa) and Anna (Yuna Taira) are drawn by a mysterious butterfly and enter the big house “Jail House”. They get lost and wander around the house. Meanwhile, Takuro (Shota Matsushima), Mika (Ikumi Hisamatsu) and Takeshi (Reo Kanshuji), who bullies Shun, enter the “Jail House” to test their courage.

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