Thursday, 19 March 2015


We could be wrong but reading the synopsis for Black Hand does bring back memories of The Eye, replacing one part of the body for another. Time will tell if that is the case but what we can tell you for sure is that K-horror Black Hand is directed by Park Jae-Sik, whose only other movie to date is 2008s The Loner. It's early days on this one but we'll certainly keep an eye (sorry) on it. Black Hand opens back home on April 16, 2015.

Synopsis: Jung-Woo (Kim Sung-Su) is a neurosurgeon and also works in bioengineering research. He is married, but has an ongoing relationship with Yoo-Gyeong (Han Go-Eun). She is a doctor and stands by Jung-Woo. Yoo-Gyeong has a mysterious accident one day and her hand is cut off in the accident. Thanks to Jung-Woo's quick thinking, her hand is reattached successfully with surgery. Yoo-Gyeong's health improves after the surgery, but bizarre events take place around her constantly.

Black Hand Teaser Trailer

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